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  • Constructing the Green Consumer: a Critical Discourse Analysis of Nestle’s Press Releases

    Sessou, Emmanuel N. Septime; Sessou|0000-0002-3730-4820 (2020)
    This paper aims to explore how Nestle imagines and projects the ideal company that is environmentally friendly. A critical discourse analysis of Nestle’s press releases available on the company’s website illustrates three strategic movements that work to improve and maintain the company’s image. I argue that through the power afforded by access to discourse (Van Dijk, 1993), Nestle imagines and articulates the ideal green multinational, and while doing so constructs the desired eco-friendly consumer.
  • “Flygskam”: Exploring Fear Appeals in the Flight Shaming Movement

    Sessou, Emmanuel N. Septime; Sessou|0000-0002-3730-4820 (2022)
    This study examines the news coverage of the flight-shaming movement known as “flygskam”. It does so through a content analysis of news articles that discuss the phenomenon in 2019, using Kim Witte’s (1992) Extended Parallel Process Model EPPM. While the theory suggests that fear appeal messages are likely to be effective when threats components are balanced with efficacy recommendations, the findings here indicate that the message in some of these articles amounts to a low level of susceptibility. This predicts a low reception of the fear-based message by its intended audiences. Others chose to include eco-celebrities as an incentive for the movement. What these findings bear as implications for campaigns is a need for carefully presenting mitigation and adaption messages, especially for an issue as polarized and sensitive as the climate crisis.
  • A Tenant’s Guide to Suing Your Landlord: Holding Landlords Accountable for Unsafe Housing Conditions

    Lee, Jennifer L.; The Sheller Center for Social Justice (Temple University); Tenant Union Representative Network (Temple University); Social Justice Lawyering Clinic (Temple University) (2021-09-07)
  • Toward a More Level Playing Field: A Navigator Program for Philadelphia’s Debt-Collection Court

    The Sheller Center for Social Justice (Temple University); Access to Justice Clinic (Temple University) (2022-05-09)
  • Strengthening the Office of the Public Defender: Analysis and Recommendations for Montgomery County

    Sibley, Shanda; The Sheller Center for Social Justice (Temple University) (2021-05-12)

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