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dc.creatorSerebriiskii, Ilya G.
dc.creatorMitina, Olga
dc.creatorPugacheva, Elena N.
dc.creatorBenevolenskaya, Elizaveta
dc.creatorKotova, Elena
dc.creatorToby, Garabet G.
dc.creatorKhazak, Vladimir
dc.creatorKaelin, William G.
dc.creatorChernoff, Jonathan
dc.creatorGolemis, Erica
dc.identifier.citationSerebriiskii IG, Mitina O, Pugacheva EN, Benevolenskaya E, Kotova E, Toby GG, et al. Detection of Peptides, Proteins, and Drugs That Selectively Interact With Protein Targets. Genome Res. 2002 Nov 1;12:1785-1791. doi:10.1101/gr.450702.
dc.description.abstractGenome sequencing has been completed for multiple organisms, and pilot proteomic analyses reported for yeast and higher eukaryotes. This work has emphasized the facts that proteins are frequently engaged in multiple interactions, and that governance of protein interaction specificity is a primary means of regulating biological systems. In particular, the ability to deconvolute complex protein interaction networks to identify which interactions govern specific signaling pathways requires the generation of biological tools that allow the distinction of critical from noncritical interactions. We report the application of an enhanced Dual Bait two-hybrid system to allow detection and manipulation of highly specific protein–protein interactions. We summarize the use of this system to detect proteins and peptides that target well-defined specific motifs in larger protein structures, to facilitate rapid identification of specific interactors from a pool of putative interacting proteins obtained in a library screen, and to score specific drug-mediated disruption of protein–protein interaction. [Supplemental material is available online at The following individuals kindly provided reagents, samples, or unpublished information as indicated in the paper: A. Taliana, M. Russell, M. Berman, and R. Finley.]
dc.format.extent8 pages
dc.relation.ispartofFaculty/ Researcher Works
dc.relation.haspartGenome Research, Vol. 12
dc.relation.isreferencedbyCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC
dc.titleDetection of Peptides, Proteins, and Drugs That Selectively Interact With Protein Targets
dc.type.genreJournal article
dc.contributor.groupFox Chase Cancer Center (Temple University)
dc.description.departmentCancer and Cellular Biology
dc.ada.noteFor Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, including help with reading this content, please contact
dc.description.schoolcollegeLewis Katz School of Medicine
dc.temple.creatorSerebriiskii, Ilya G.
dc.temple.creatorMitina, Olga
dc.temple.creatorPugacheva, Elena N.
dc.temple.creatorKotova, Elena
dc.temple.creatorToby, Garabet G.
dc.temple.creatorChernoff, Jonathan
dc.temple.creatorGolemis, Erica A.

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