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dc.creatorAlloy, Lauren B.
dc.creatorChat, Iris K.-Y.
dc.creatorGrehl, Mora M.
dc.creatorStephenson, Auburn R.
dc.creatorAdogli, Zoe V.
dc.creatorOlino, Thomas
dc.creatorEllman, Lauren M.
dc.creatorMiller, Gregory E.
dc.creatorNusslock, Robin
dc.identifier.citationLauren B. Alloy, Iris K.-Y. Chat, Mora M. Grehl, Auburn R. Stephenson, Zoe V. Adogli, Thomas M. Olino, Lauren M. Ellman, Gregory E. Miller, Robin Nusslock, Reward and Immune Systems in Emotion (RISE) prospective longitudinal study: Protocol overview of an integrative reward-inflammation model of first onset of major depression in adolescence, Brain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health, Volume 30, 2023, 100643, ISSN 2666-3546, (
dc.description.abstractBackground: Depression is associated with a reduced sensitivity to rewards and low reward-related brain function in cortico-striatal circuitry. A separate literature documents elevated peripheral inflammation in depression. Recently, integrated reward-inflammation models of depression have been proposed. These models draw on work indicating that peripheral inflammatory proteins access the brain, where they lower reward responsiveness. This blunted reward responsiveness is proposed to initiate unhealthy behaviors (substance use, poor diet), as well as sleep disruption and stress generation, which further heighten inflammation. Over time, dysregulation in reward responsiveness and immune signaling may synergize in a positive feedback loop, whereby dysregulation in each system exacerbates dysregulation in the other. Project RISE (Reward and Immune Systems in Emotion) provides a first systematic test of reward-immune dysregulation as a synergistic and dynamic vulnerability for first onset of major depressive disorder and increases in depressive symptoms during adolescence. Methods: This NIMH-funded R01 study is a 3-year prospective, longitudinal investigation of approximately 300 community adolescents from the broader Philadelphia area, United States of America. Eligible participants must be 13–16 years old, fluent in English, and without a prior major depressive disorder. They are being selected along the entire dimension of self-reported reward responsiveness, with oversampling at the low tail of the dimension in order to increase the likelihood of major depression onsets. At Time 1 (T1), T3, and T5, each a year apart, participants complete blood draws to quantify biomarkers of low-grade inflammation, self-report and behavioral measures of reward responsiveness, and fMRI scans of reward neural activity and functional connectivity. At T1-T5 (with T2 and T4 six months between the yearly sessions), participants also complete diagnostic interviews and measures of depressive symptoms, reward-relevant life events, and behaviors that increase inflammation. Adversity history is assessed at T1 only. Discussion: This study is an innovative integration of research on multi-organ systems involved in reward and inflammatory signaling in understanding first onset of major depression in adolescence. It has the potential to facilitate novel neuroimmune and behavioral interventions to treat, and ideally prevent, depression.
dc.format.extent13 pages
dc.relation.ispartofOpen Access Publishing Fund
dc.relation.haspartBrain, Behavior, & Immunity - Health, Vol. 30
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND
dc.subjectReward responsiveness
dc.titleReward and Immune Systems in Emotion (RISE) prospective longitudinal study: Protocol overview of an integrative reward-inflammation model of first onset of major depression in adolescence
dc.type.genreJournal article
dc.description.departmentPsychology and Neuroscience
dc.ada.noteFor Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, including help with reading this content, please contact
dc.description.schoolcollegeTemple University. College of Liberal Arts
dc.description.sponsorTemple University Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund, 2022-2023 (Philadelphia, Pa.)
dc.temple.creatorAlloy, Lauren B.
dc.temple.creatorChat, Iris K.-Y.
dc.temple.creatorGrehl, Mora M.
dc.temple.creatorStephenson, Auburn R.
dc.temple.creatorAdogli, Zoe V.
dc.temple.creatorOlino, Thomas M.
dc.temple.creatorEllman, Lauren M.

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