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dc.creatorPatel, Kavi I.
dc.creatorAl-Safadi, Samer
dc.creatorGidde, Sai Teja Reddy
dc.creatorLi, Haoqi
dc.creatorPodder, Tarun K.
dc.creatorRen, Fei
dc.creatorHutapea, Parsaoran
dc.identifier.citationPatel, K. I., Al-Safadi, S., Gidde, S. T. R., Li, H., Podder, T. K., Ren, F., & Hutapea, P. (2019, October 16-19). Reduction of Insertion Force by Coating of Surgical Needles [Conference presentation abstract]. 2019 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting, Philadephia, PA.
dc.descriptionPresented at the 2019 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting, which took place October 16-19, 2019, in Philadelphia, PA.
dc.description.abstractInsertion of the needle in human body parts with a larger needle often results in severe tissue damage. Tissue damage could potentially be reduced by decreasing the insertion force caused mainly by the friction on the interface of the needle and tissues. We have used Polydopamine (PDA) coating on surgical needle (18g) and were able to get 20-25% of insertion force reduction with some limitations. To overcome those limitations, we propose to use PDA with the mixture of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Carbon as coating. Here, PDA coating should act as adhesive agent between needle surface and PTFE coating; and carbon should work as a filler for PTFE coating’s porous and uneven surfaces. PTFE is a synthetic polymer with a great chemical stability because of its high strength of C-H bond. Besides stability, PTFE is non-toxic, and non-flammable, and exhibits negligible water absorption, anti-stick behavior, high thermal stability, and a low dielectric constant. On the other hand, it has very high wear rate and low load bearing capacities. To overcome these disadvantages, PTFE can be combined with other polymers like PDA and is being explored in this research.
dc.format.extent1 page
dc.relation.ispartofFaculty/ Researcher Works
dc.rightsPublic Domain
dc.subjectSurgical technology
dc.subjectBiomedical engineering
dc.titleReduction of Insertion Force by Coating of Surgical Needles
dc.type.genreConference paper
dc.description.departmentMechanical Engineering
dc.ada.noteFor Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, including help with reading this content, please contact
dc.description.schoolcollegeTemple University. College of Engineering
dc.temple.creatorPatel, Kavi I.
dc.temple.creatorAl-Safadi, Samer
dc.temple.creatorGidde, Sai Teja Reddy
dc.temple.creatorLi, Haoqi
dc.temple.creatorPodder, Tarun K.
dc.temple.creatorRen, Fei
dc.temple.creatorHutapea, Parsaoran

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