Recent Submissions

  • A Developmental Systems Guide for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Practitioners

    Snyder, Sean; Snyder|0000-0002-2958-1991 (Temple University. North Broad Press, 2023)
    A Developmental Systems Guide for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Practitioners provides clinicians with actionable evidence-based practices for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of child and adolescent mental and behavioral health. This approach combines developmental psychology and ecological systems in recognition of the fact that children’s developmental challenges, tasks, and capacities intersect with the risks and protective factors of their environment. Chapters feature detailed case studies and conclude with conversations with clinicians in which they share targeted recommendations for patient evaluation, treatment approaches, and family engagement and support.
  • Economics for Life: Real-World Financial Literacy

    Wargo, Donald T. (Temple University. North Broad Press, 2023)
    America has evolved into an ownership society. Home-buying decisions, resource allocation, debt exposure, and financial planning for the future are now left to individuals, many of whom may lack the financial understanding to evaluate and make sound decisions. Economics, with its insistence on quantifying ideas and putting specific quantitative values on all manner of phenomena, can help sort through the questions. Economics for Life: Real-World Financial Literacy is designed to help soon-to-be college graduates start their "real lives" with a better understanding of how to analyze the financial decisions that they will soon have to make. Written in an easy-to-read, conversational style, this textbook will help students learn how to make decisions on saving and investing for retirement, buying a car, buying a home, as well as how to safely navigate the use of debit and credit cards.
  • Bridges: United States Academia for First-Generation and International College Students

    Higgins, Shawn; Higgins|0000-0001-5564-2412 (Temple University. North Broad Press, 2021)
    Bridges introduces students to a wide range of concepts, institutions, histories, and artifacts of United States college and university life. After discussing these items in easy-to-scan, concise, nuance-free prose, this textbook then offers useful lists, templates for writing and speaking in different discourses and situations, thought-provoking questions and activities for self-study and for classroom work, and pertinent hyperlinks for further information. Bridges is designed to help first-generation, first-year, English language learners, and/or culturally unfamiliarized students more fully and successfully explore their educational environments. By using this book, students will be better prepared for the academic and social challenges of successfully undertaking higher education in English.
  • Structural Analysis

    Udoeyo, Felix F. (Temple University. North Broad Press, 2020)
    Structural Analysis by Felix Udeyo is intended to teach students the methods and techniques for the analysis of structures. A sound knowledge of structures is a prerequisite for their proper design and ensures the structural integrity of civil engineering infrastructural systems. This textbook is comprised of three parts. The first part consists of an overview of structural analysis and introduces several structural loadings that may be considered during the analysis and subsequent design of structures. The second part covers classic methods of the analysis of determinate structures. The final section discusses classic methods for the analysis of indeterminate structures as well as methods for the analysis and construction of influence lines for indeterminate structures.
  • ¡Que viva la música! Repaso de conversación en español

    Corrales-Martin, Norma; Corrales-Martin|0000-0001-6935-7778 (Temple University. North Broad Press, 2021)
    ¡Qué viva la música! Repaso de conversación en español, or Long Live Music! Spanish Conversational Review is an open textbook intended for conversational review, typically a fourth-semester Spanish class. The textbook is organized around nine different songs that provide students opportunities to practice, aurally and orally, as well as in writing, the main communicative goals and key grammatical structures learned in previous classes. It can also be used in similar high school classes.