• Search Strategies for a Systematic review of PERT based outcomes for patients with Pulmonary Embolism

      Rali, Parth; Brosnahan, Shari; Roth, Stephanie (2020-12-15)
      This is the search methods statement prepared by the library that will appear in the final paper when the systematic review is published. Search Methods Prepared by Stephanie Roth, MLIS Temple University, Ginsburg Health Sciences Library 11/9/2020 Search Methods for Identification of Studies: To identify studies to include or consider for this systematic review, the review team worked with a medical librarian to develop detailed search strategies for each database. The search was developed for PubMed (NLM) and was translated to Embase (Elsevier), Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) and CINAHL (EbscoHost) using a combination of keywords and subject headings. A grey literature search included World Wide Science and MedRxiv. The search was restricted to human studies and by the year 2009 to Present. The final search was completed on November 9, 2020. The full search details are provided in Appendix(___). PubMed (NLM) from 2009 to 11/9/2020 (420 Results) Embase (Elsevier) from 2009 to 11/9/2020 (748 Results) Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) from 2009 to 11/9/2020 (503 Results) CINAHL (EbscoHost) from 2009 to 11/9/2020 (123 Results) The search resulted in 2,119 studies (325 from grey literature sources). 382 duplicate studies were found and omitted using Endnote X.7 for the deduplication of records and 1,737 references were eligible to screen. Studies were screened by title and abstract by two blinded and independent reviewers. If a tiebreaker was needed, a third reviewer was called in. This process was repeated for full text article screening and selection.