• A Co-Design-Based Reliable Low-Latency and Energy-Efficient Transmission Protocol for UWSNs

      Wei, X; Guo, H; Wang, X; Wang, X; Wang, C; Guizani, M; Du, X; Du, Xiaojiang|0000-0003-4235-9671 (2020-11-08)
      Recently, underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) have been considered as a powerful technique for many applications. However, acoustic communications in UWSNs bring in huge QoS issues for time-critical applications. Additionally, excessive control packets and multiple copies during the data transmission process exacerbate this challenge. Faced with these problems, we propose a reliable low-latency and energy-efficient transmission protocol for dense 3D underwater wireless sensor networks to improve the QoS of UWSNs. The proposed protocol exploits fewer control packets and reduces data-packet copies effectively through the co-design of routing and media access control (MAC) protocols. The co-design method is divided into two steps. First, the number of handshakes in the MAC process will be greatly reduced via our forwarding-set routing strategy under the guarantee of reliability. Second, with the help of information from the MAC process, network-update messages can be used to replace control packages through mobility prediction when choosing a route. Simulation results show that the proposed protocol has a considerably higher reliability, and lower latency and energy consumption in comparison with existing transmission protocols for a dense underwater wireless sensor network.