• Correction: P53-regulated miR-320a targets PDL1 and is downregulated in malignant mesothelioma (Cell Death & Disease, (2020), 11, 9, (748), 10.1038/s41419-020-02940-w)

      Costa, C; Indovina, P; Mattioli, E; Forte, IM; Iannuzzi, CA; Luzzi, L; Bellan, C; De Summa, S; Bucci, E; Di Marzo, D; De Feo, M; Mutti, L; Pentimalli, F; Giordano, A; Giordano, Antonio|0000-0002-5959-016X (2020-10-01)
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    • Erratum to: E-GRASP: An integrated evolutionary and GRASP resource for exploring disease associations

      Karim, S; Nour Eldin, HF; Abusamra, H; Salem, N; Alhathli, E; Dudley, J; Sanderford, M; Scheinfeldt, LB; Chaudhary, AG; Al-Qahtani, MH; Kumar, S; Kumar, Sudhir|0000-0002-9918-8212 (2017-04-06)
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