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dc.creatorJr, Olvitt D
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dc.creatorZhou, L
dc.creatorZhu, Z
dc.creatorZhu, X
dc.creatorZyzak, M
dc.creatorCollaboration, STAR
dc.identifier.otherGR6VI (isidoc)
dc.description.abstractThe STAR Collaboration reports measurements of the longitudinal double-spin asymmetry, $A_{LL}$, for neutral pions produced at forward directions in polarized proton-proton collisions, at a center-of-mass energy of $510$ GeV. Results are given for transverse momenta in the range $2<p_{T}<10$ GeV/$c$ within two regions of pseudorapidity that span $2.65<\eta<3.9$. These results are sensitive to the polarized gluon parton distribution function, $\Delta g(x)$, down to the region of Bjorken $x \sim 10^{-3}$. The asymmetries observed are less than $\pm 5 \cdot 10^{-3}$ in magnitude, and will help constrain the contribution to the spin of the proton from polarized gluons at low $x$, when combined with other measurements as part of a global analysis.
dc.relation.haspartPHYSICAL REVIEW D
dc.relation.isreferencedbyAmerican Physical Society (APS)
dc.titleLongitudinal double-spin asymmetries for pi(0)s in the forward direction for 510 GeV polarized pp collisions
dc.ada.noteFor Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, including help with reading this content, please contact

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