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dc.creatorParks, EP
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dc.creatorFrasso, R
dc.creatorBishop-Gilyard, C
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dc.identifier.other32122314 (pubmed)
dc.description.abstract© 2020 The Author(s). Background: Currently the most effective treatment for severe obesity in adolescents is weight-loss surgery coupled with lifestyle behavior change. In preparation for weight-loss surgery, adolescents are required to make changes to eating and activity habits (lifestyle changes) to promote long term success. Social media support groups, which are popular among adolescents, have the potential to augment preoperative lifestyle changes. The purpose of this study was to qualitatively assess the perceived role of social media as a support tool for weight-loss, and to identify motivators and constraints to lifestyle changes and social media use in adolescents preparing for weight-loss surgery. Methods: Thematic analysis of social media comments from 13 (3 male, 10 female) adolescents aged 16 ± 1.3 years with a body mass index (BMI) 45 ± 7.3 kg/m2 enrolled in a weight-management program preparing for bariatric surgery and who participated in a 12-week pilot social media intervention was performed. Participants commented on moderator posts and videos of nutrition, physical activity, and motivation that were shared three to four times per week. Social media comments were coded using NVivo 11.0 to identify recurrent themes and subthemes. Results: 1) Social media provided accountability, emotional support, and shared behavioral strategies. 2) Motivators for lifestyle changes included family support, personal goals, and non-scale victories. 3) Challenges included negative peers, challenges with planning and tracking, and time constraints. Conclusion: Adolescents considering bariatric surgery identified social media as a tool for social support and reinforcement of strategies for successful behavior change. Important motivators and challenges to lifestyle changes were identified.
dc.relation.haspartBMC Pediatrics
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dc.subjectSocial media
dc.subjectAdolescent obesity
dc.subjectBariatric surgery
dc.subjectSupport groups
dc.titlePerspectives of adolescents with severe obesity on social Media in Preparation for weight-loss surgery: A qualitative study
dc.type.genreJournal Article
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