• K-pop Subculture International Impact

      Misra, Rupananda (Temple University. Libraries, 2017)
      The overall purpose of this study was to gain a more in depth understanding of the conditions in which k-pop spread internationally. We initially knew that k-pop was an extremely popular sensation in Asian countries, specifically because it originated in South Korea. Interestingly, research on the methods in which k-pop spread globally provided information on the Korean Wave. The problems we researched focused on the specific ways and influences that k-pop had on countries. Instead of only focusing on South Korea and its neighboring Asian countries, we broadened our search globally. Some major findings we encountered were discovering how k-pop transformed into a worldwide phenomenon. As aforementioned, the Korean Wave was behind this transformation. Including k-pop, the Korean Wave spread k-media in general. In addition, learning about the culture behind k-pop and the realization that it was unique but also like other cultures in some ways. Particularly, the ways that k-pop fans socialize and gather in conventions, like anime. In addition, fans interact similarly, whether based in Korea or elsewhere.