• Cultural property repatriation: history, legality, and ethical precedents for museums in the United States

      Modigliani, Leah (Temple University. Libraries, 2016)
      Cultural property repatriation has emerged as a controversial topic of international diplomacy. Countries that were subject to archaeological desecration are now reclaiming illicitly exported artifacts from foreign museums. Because museums in the United States operate as private institutions, enforcing uniform legal standards is challenging. This paper theorizes a legislative model that would regulate the acquisition and repatriation policies of federally-funded museums. This proposal is developed through analyzing the efficacy of existing laws designed to regulate the illicit antiquities market, as well as through evaluating the federal government’s response to the repatriation movements for Native American cultural property and Holocaust-era artwork.
    • Retrospective Falsification – Run Away to Sweden

      Modigliani, Leah (Temple University. Libraries, 2017)
      The intent of this project is to explore how bookbinding can be used as a medium for narrating historical fiction. Through researching the cultural landscape of World War II, I've created a series of artificial artifacts that can blend into the historical narrative to offer commentary and satire on significant events. Some of the major themes of this project include: how traumatic events influence print culture, how presentation can alter the context of historical texts, and how in the digital age books are changing from literary vessels into archaeological objects.