• let-7 microRNAs: Their Role in Cerebral and Cardiovascular Diseases, Inflammation, Cancer, and Their Regulation

      Center for Substance Abuse Research (Temple University) (2021-05-26)
      The let-7 family is among the first microRNAs found. Recent investigations have indicated that it is highly expressed in many systems, including cerebral and cardiovascular systems. Numerous studies have implicated the aberrant expression of let-7 members in cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke, myocardial infarction (MI), cardiac fibrosis, and atherosclerosis as well as in the inflammation related to these diseases. Furthermore, the let-7 microRNAs are involved in development and differentiation of embryonic stem cells in the cardiovascular system. Numerous genes have been identified as target genes of let-7, as well as a number of the let-7’ regulators. Further studies are necessary to identify the gene targets and signaling pathways of let-7 in cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory processes. The bulk of the let-7’ regulatory proteins are well studied in development, proliferation, differentiation, and cancer, but their roles in inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, and/or stroke are not well understood. Further knowledge on the regulation of let-7 is crucial for therapeutic advances. This review focuses on research progress regarding the roles of let-7 and their regulation in cerebral and cardiovascular diseases and associated inflammation.