• COVID-19 Law and Policy Briefings, Series Two: School Reopenings and Online Learning

      George Consortium; Center for Health Policy and Law (Northeastern University School of Law); Center for Public Health Law Research (Temple University Beasley School of Law); APHA Law Section (2021-03-02)
      It is increasingly clear that online learning--especially for younger children--has been one of the most difficult #COVID transitions, with levels of engagement, retention, and mental health plummeting. At the same time, more and more evidence suggests that children under the age of 13 are relatively unlikely to transmit or become seriously sick with the virus. The debate is now escalating around the damage that will be done to students with schools closed, the risks that vulnerable teachers will face with schools open, and the role of vaccine prioritization in potentially threading the needle. This week’s COVID Law Briefing tackles the ongoing issue and recommends strategies for renewed cooperation.