• Studying Into a Sleep Disorder

      Jozwik, Matthew (Temple University. Grey Matters, 2021-12)
      Most students assume that fighting sleep to cram in extra study time is a harmless venture; however, it may in fact be more serious than most people ever think to consider if it becomes habitual. The issue of troubled sleep extends well beyond staying up late one night to prepare for an exam. Disturbances in sleep and poor sleep quality appear to be present in high percentages among college students, and this article will investigate the correlation between college life and sleep disorders/disturbances, as well as effects on academic and everyday performance.
    • The Social and Emotional Toll of Narcolepsy

      Mehta, Rutvik; Jiwanji, Mariyah; Singhal, Rashi; Gillam, Emily; Lockwood, Kathryn; Quarmley, Megan; Quarmley|0000-0003-2115-2196 (Temple University. Grey Matters, 2021-05)
      Normally, turning on the light in your house is as easy as flipping a switch. Now, imagine if the light didn’t work properly. Imagine that flipping a switch on or off meant guessing if the light would turn on or off, or just flicker. Not knowing what your light is going to do at any moment would severely limit your ability to function in your house and would be exhausting, frustrating, and very disrupting. For people with narcolepsy, this is an everyday reality. The light represents the brain of a person with narcolepsy, as they can feel tired or awake at any time, not knowing when sleep will attack. Although the physiological effects of narcolepsy are well-known and studied more, the social and emotional toll is not talked about as much but can have equally devastating and life-altering effects.