• Cultural Biases Surrounding the Diagnoses of Mental Illness

      Moola, Esther (Temple University. Grey Matters, 2021-12)
      Being biased is a part of human nature. Humans have shown biases throughout history with the creation of distinct stereotypes and reputations for groups of people. Biases in a society can be considered a part of the functioning of that society, until it negatively affects the health and well-being of the individual. Not only recognizing, but also terminating biases is one of the most prominent issues in the field of medicine. How can a medical professional give a proper diagnosis based on the patient if they maintain their personal biases towards the patient’s race, ethnicity, cultural group, or economic standing? It is the biases of the medical professional that contribute to an unjust health system that lacks holistic understanding of the patient. In order to remove these biases when stepping into a medical building, a medical professional must not only recognize the unique background of a patient, but must also determine what biases they as an individual have towards any aspects of that background.