• Sustainable and Efficient Rope Pump

      Ryan, Robert (Temple University. Libraries, 2012)
      In this era of great technological growth, there are still people that do not have a readily available supply of one of the most basic of needs, water. The main goal of Thirst Quenchers Inc. is development of a Sustainable and Efficient Rope Pump that provides access to potable water in rural areas worldwide with a volumetric output of 45 Liters/minute. The rope pump is the ideal method to tap the obtainable resource of fresh groundwater. When compared to other existing methods it is the more reliable, sanitary, and cost effective option. The simple design and use of local materials provide sustainability because of the ability to be locally maintained. Features such as an anticorrosive coating and concrete well covering ensure both minimal structural deformations and prevent negative effects on existing water quality. With the typical users being women and children it is important that no energy input goes to waste. Therefore the hydraulic efficiency of 75% with a user input of 75 Watts is a highlight of the pumps design. Thirst Quenchers Inc. is confident that the proposed rope pump will have a significant impact on areas with limited to no potable water with the sustainable and efficient design.