• Is Myelin Repair Possible?

      George, Caroline (Temple University. Grey Matters, 2022-01)
      In the body, myelin is the coating over the axons, the “wires'' carrying our body’s signals. The insulator around the wires acts the same way myelin acts as an insulator in the brain. The signals in the neurons of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) become slowed and unprotected as their axons lose the coating that protects them. MS is an incurable demyelinating disease, where patients can experience weakened motor function, pain, impaired memory and other cognitive issues. MS patients endure such degeneration because their central nervous system cells lose the ability to communicate quickly. However, scientists may have discovered a drug that allows myelin production regardless of the presence of toxic proteins; this article will investigate the neuroscience behind Tolebrutinib as well as its results and limitations.