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dc.creatorMacAskill, Micah L.
dc.creatorThomas, Rachel
dc.creatorBarnes, Leslie A.
dc.identifier.citationMacAskill ML, Thomas RJ, Barnes LA. Case Report: Watching and Waiting? A Case of Incomplete Glenosphere Seating With Spontaneous Reversal in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty. January 2020. doi:10.1177/2471549220949147
dc.description.abstractIntroduction: Reverse shoulder arthroplasty is a useful procedure with broadening applications, but it has the best outcomes when used for rotator cuff tear arthropathy. However, this procedure is not without complications. While scapular notching and aseptic loosening are more common complications that have been extensively studied in the literature, dissociation of the glenoid component and incomplete glenosphere seating has not received much attention. Specifically, little research has explored appropriate management of incomplete seating of the glenosphere component, and no gold standard for treatment of this complication has emerged. Methods: In the case described here, an elderly patient with an incompletely seated glenosphere component post-operatively opted to pursue conservative management in order to avoid revision surgery if possible. Results: The partially engaged, superiorly directed components in this case exhibited spontaneous complete and symmetric seating of the glenosphere between six and twelve months post-operatively, indicating that conservative management of this complication in low-demand patients may be a viable option to avoid the risks associated with revision surgery. Conclusion: Further research should be pursued to explore what patient and prosthesis design factors may be suited to observation with serial radiographs when incomplete seating of the glenosphere component occurs.
dc.format.extent7 pages
dc.relation.ispartofOpen Access Publishing Fund
dc.relation.haspartJournal of Shoulder and Elbow Arthroplasty, Vol. 4
dc.relation.isreferencedbySAGE Publications
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC
dc.subjectReverse shoulder arthroplasty
dc.subjectGlenosphere dissociation
dc.subjectGlenosphere seating
dc.subjectMorse taper
dc.subjectGlenosphere incomplete seating
dc.subjectRotator cuff arthropathy
dc.subjectCuff tear arthropathy
dc.subjectComplications of total shoulder arthroplasty
dc.titleCase Report: Watching and Waiting? A Case of Incomplete Glenosphere Seating With Spontaneous Reversal in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
dc.type.genreJournal article
dc.description.departmentOrthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
dc.ada.noteFor Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation, including help with reading this content, please contact
dc.description.schoolcollegeLewis Katz School of Medicine
dc.description.sponsorTemple University Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund, 2020-2021 (Philadelphia, Pa.)
dc.temple.creatorMacAskill, Micah L.
dc.temple.creatorThomas, Rachel J.
dc.temple.creatorBarnes, Leslie A.

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