• Knowing More Than the Hero: An Exploration of Nathan Gabriel's 2011 Production of A View from the Bridge

      Wager, Douglas C. (Temple University. Libraries, 2011)
      In 2011 Nathan Gabriel directed Arthur Miller's A View From The Bridge for his graduate thesis production at Temple University in Philadelphia. In this essay, Gabriel posits that keeping the character of Eddie ignorant about his true feelings for Catherine until the final moments of the play is crucial to making the play work. He supports his argument by pointing to the changes Miller made in the script between the one-act and two-act versions. Gabriel demonstrates how the play followed Aristotle's ideal for a classic Greek tragedy and compares this ideal with Miller's conviction that a true tragedy should not only be sad but should also teach its audience how to better live their lives. He also defends his choice to keep the true sexuality of Rodolpho ambiguous and examines the creative journey of his designers.