• “Drinking Deeply with Delight”: An Investigation of Transformative Images in Isaiah 1 and 65-66

      Schipper, Jeremy; Leuchter, Mark; Limberis, Vasiliki, 1954-; O'Hara, Daniel T., 1948- (Temple University. Libraries, 2016)
      This project examines the images used in the beginning and ending chapters of Isaiah. The purpose of this project is to trace the transformation of specific images from their introduction in Isaiah 1 to their re-interpretation in Isaiah 65-66. While this analysis uses the verbal parallels (shared vocabulary) as a starting point, the present project seeks to move beyond the analysis of verbal parallels. The discovery and analysis of these transformed images forges a deeper connection between the first and last chapters of Isaiah. The three images are as follows: The first image occurs in Isaiah 1:2-4 where YHWH is described as a spurned parent. This image is transformed and reinterpreted in Isaiah 66:13 where YHWH is described as a comforting mother. The second image occurs in Isaiah 1:15 which pictures YHWH as an unresponsive deity. This image is transformed in Isaiah 65:24 where YHWH is presented as an attentive god. The third image occurs in 1:21 where Zion is pictured as a prostitute. This image is transformed in 66:10-11 where Jerusalem is presented as a birthing and nursing mother. On this basis the present project proposes a rhetorical and literary purpose behind the repetition/transformation of images in Isaiah 65-66. These purposes are explored in conjunction with the analysis of each image. In addition, this project identifies effective reading strategies for the book as a whole and contributes to a growing trend that sees Isaiah as a literary unity.