• Perceptions of African Ameircan Females: An Examination of Black Women's Images in Rap Music Videos

      Monteiro, Anthony B.; Williams-Witherspoon, Kimmika; Stanford, Maxwell; Sutherland, Marcia, 1954- (Temple University. Libraries, 2011)
      Utilizing an Afrocentric methodological framework, this dissertation research seeks to examine the general public perceptions of African American women as reflected in rap music videos, and to determine how African American females perceive the images that are presented of them in rap music videos. This study explores Black women's representation through analyses of top ten rap music videos from January to September 2010 and conceptualizes the effects of these representations on Black female viewers. This study also explores the reception of Black women's images in rap music videos as they are potentially exported to other cultures. This project is a multi-method examination including questionnaires and focus group sessions, exploring the effect of rap music video content on the representation of African American women, society's perceptions of African American females, and how when given an opportunity to construct their own media image, how would African women be represented.