• A Perron-Frobenius Type of Theorem for Quantum Operations

      Yang, Wei-shih, 1954-; Szyld, Daniel; Rider, Brian (Brian C.); Tan, Chiu C. (Temple University. Libraries, 2015)
      Quantum random walks are a generalization of classical Markovian random walks to a quantum mechanical or quantum computing setting. Quantum walks have promising applications but are complicated by quantum decoherence. We prove that the long-time limiting behavior of the class of quantum operations which are the convex combination of norm one operators is governed by the eigenvectors with norm one eigenvalues which are shared by the operators. This class includes all operations formed by a coherent operation with positive probability of orthogonal measurement at each step. We also prove that any operation that has range contained in a low enough dimension subspace of the space of density operators has limiting behavior isomorphic to an associated Markov chain. A particular class of such operations are coherent operations followed by an orthogonal measurement. Applications of the convergence theorems to quantum walks are given.