Schafmeister, Christian; Schafmeister, Christian (Temple University. Libraries, 2011)
      We have initiated the development of a screening platform to design a library of small molecules on the same solid support surface. This solid support surface, and the chemistry involved, can be utilized as a means of developing lead target molecules, namely ligands and catalysts. Evidence shows the successful assembly of both simple amino acids, as well as successful employment of our synthetic compounds. We support our efforts by showing compatibility for binding studies with larger macromolecules. Thus, intrigue remains by the prospects of this project. Challenges within our efforts are highlighted and emphasis is placed on presenting solutions to current issues, in order to attain further development. Notwithstanding difficulty, the desire to establish efficient processes for the discovery of lead target molecules and to ascertain the utility of our synthesized compounds, can be captured within this body of work. Lastly, the framework for continued efforts has been set to enable future progression.