• The Use of the Performance Diagnostic Checklist - Human Services to Assess and Improve Data Reporting in a Community-Based Adult Autism Service Program

      Fisher, Amanda Guld; Dowdy, Arthur; Tincani, Matt; Hantula, Donald A.; Axelrod, Saul; Hineline, Philip Neil (Temple University. Libraries, 2019)
      For agencies in the health and human services field, data reporting is the primary source of information from which progress and organizational outcomes are measured. Often, front-line staff are responsible for collecting these data and yet are often ill-equipped to collect data accurately and consistently leading to a performance deficit affecting the strength and success of the program. Evaluating and addressing performance issues in the human services field has long been a challenge due to limited resources. Finding an effective and efficient method of evaluation that leads to a function-based intervention would improve performance and ultimately improve organizational outcomes. This study evaluated the Performance Diagnostic Checklist – Human Services (PDC-HS) as means of assessing the performance deficit of inaccurate data reporting in a community-based adult autism services program. A multiple-baseline design was used across four participants to evaluate the effects of the interventions indicated by the PDC-HS. Two participants received performance feedback and two received additional training following the behavior skills training model. Results indicated that both interventions were effective in increasing accurate data reporting across participants. Social validity measures also indicated the PDC-HS was easy to use and could be completed in a timely manner.