• Costume Designs for Divine Words

      Chiment, Marie Anne (Temple University. Libraries, 2010)
      Divine Words is an adaptation of the play Divinas Palabras by Ramon del Valle- Inclan. In this paper, I hope to outline my design process as well as give insight into the development of a new theatrical work. I want to outline my journey from the beginning with the development of the script, the process of designing the show, and then implementing that design. Designing the costumes for this production required creating characters that both aided in telling the story as well as reflected individual character. I designed twenty-eight looks for fourteen actors that took into consideration time period, socio-economic status, plot, and characterization. This production was set in the depression era dust bowl of the American Midwest. To reflect this in my designs I performed thorough research from books and Internet sources on the historical period as well as the clothing of time. I utilized photographers such as Dorothea Lang and Arthur Rothstein to further inform my understanding of the people that inhabited this time and place. I then utilized this research to give depth and distinction to the characters in the play. This culminated in a unique design that added to this artistic experience about desperation and hope that is Divine Words.