• The Impact of Violence in Coeducational Institution: Why Does there Appear to be more Violence in Coeducational Schools than in Single Sex Schools in Jamaica?

      Stull, Judith C., 1944-; Stull, Judith C., 1944-; Kuriloff, Peshe C.; Myers, Samuel S. (Temple University. Libraries, 2018)
      School violence is a problem and particularly in Jamaica where it seems to be more pronounced in coeducational schools. Keen qualitative data garnering driven by the theory of symbolic interaction provides insight. Recently, Northern Caribbean University Radio announced that, in Jamaica, there is a high rate of violence in schools, and that there have been more reports of violence in coeducational schools than in single-sex schools (NCU Radio FM 91). We need to know is why this is the case? This qualitative research investigates the relationship between school structure and the incidences of violence. For a considerable period of time, the arm of the government, namely, the Ministry of Education, has been trying to stem the continuous wave of violence in schools, apparently with very little success. To date, coeducational schools have recorded more student violent activities than single-sex schools. This study will seek to ascertain why there is more violence in coeducational schools. The primary source of data for this study will be interviews with principals and vice principals, deans of discipline, guidance counselors and classroom teachers in both single-sex and coeducational schools. Another data source will be documents relating to violence in coeducational schools.