• Consociation as a Nominal Retention Strategy: A Qualitative Case Study of a Specific Charter School and University College Partnership Aimed at Scholastic Impetus

      DuCette, Joseph P.; Davis, James Earl, 1960-; Gross, Steven Jay; Farley, Frank (Temple University. Libraries, 2017)
      This dissertation as an exploratory study examines the characteristics of the students of a charter school participating in a partnership with a university located in an improving low socioeconomic environment in the northeastern U.S., which has been dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the underserved. This dissertation also discerns the configuration, processes, goals, future, and challenges of a charter network as it relates to a partnership. In addition, this dissertation aims to provide the following: some understanding to the phenomenon (for example, changes/present key issues in higher education) at hand; insight regarding structural factors which may or may not be impediments for the students; to discover if the goals and objectives set forth within the partnership could serve as a model to address affordability and access. This exploratory study on the partnership supports the continuation of investigation into the effectiveness of direct university-charter school partnerships.