• Black and Latino Faculty Navigating The Academy: Recruitment, Retention, Tenure, and the Academic Culture

      Davis, James Earl, 1960-; Schifter, Catherine; Stull, Judith C., 1944-; Brooks, Wanda M., 1969- (Temple University. Libraries, 2017)
      The purpose of this qualitative study is to examine the unique experiences of Black and Latino faculty as members of underrepresented minority designated (UMD) groups within predominantly white universities. The research also seeks to examine their views on institutional attitudes towards the retention and tenure of faculty of color, and the significance of these efforts and experiences on the continuous shortage of Black and Latino representation within higher education settings. With the use of a semi-structured interview protocol, the researcher will seek to reveal the more significant challenges that faculty of color face in the academe. In addition, an objective of the research is to investigate the role that the academic culture and environment play in perpetuating the dearth of these faculty members, such as relationships with colleagues, interactions between faculty and students, performance pressure, social isolation, role entrapment, and other potential factors. Kanter’s (1977) theory of tokenism is useful in helping to understand the Black and Latino faculty experience on campus. The research revealed that these groups did experience social isolation and role entrapment, but they did not report enough of a response and presence for performance pressure. Results about retention and tenure also revealed palpable issues with the process and policies in place. Lastly, results pertaining to the diversity deficiency revealed numerous factors that contribute to the issue, including institutional apathy, a lack of support, a lack of available population, confirmation of valued membership, the need for a welcoming environment, racial battle fatigue, and micro aggression. Moreover, the research identifies and explores several suggestions pertaining to the increased inclusion and acceptance of the racial and ethnic minority professoriate within university faculties.