• Narrative Identifications among Anarcho-Punks in Philadelphia

      Vila, Pablo, 1952-; Gordon, Lewis R. (Lewis Ricardo), 1962-; Zhao, Shanyang, 1957-; Wright, Thomas (Temple University. Libraries, 2012)
      This dissertation uses in depth interviews and participant observation in order to understand an important contemporary subculture: anarcho-punks. The research was done in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania between the years of 2006 and 2012. The overarching theme that connects the different chapters of the dissertation together is a focus on the ways in which the identification narratives of participants are ethical in nature, meaning that the narrators are working to maintain an ethical sense of self in their narration. In addition, I show the identitarian consequences of the ways in which the hyphenation of the anarcho-punk identification works to both separate and join the two different identifications "anarchist" and "punk." I also show the ways in which identifications are narratively structured. This is done throughout the ten chapters of the dissertation. Each of the substantive chapters focuses on the different narratives used by the participants to understand a particular theme that is important to developing an understanding of the subculture overall.