• Engaging the Disengaged: an Assessment of the Medical Ethics Curriculum and Suggestions for its Improvement

      Rocco, Providenza Loera (Temple University. Libraries, 2021)
      The medical ethics curriculum is an important part of medical education as it helps foster students to become virtuous and compassionate caretakers. The format of the curriculum is intended to expose students to ethical and moral issues early in their careers and allow them to apply their knowledge in clinical situations. However, the implementation of the curriculum is incredibly varied and fraught with challenges. This thesis explores the challenges of the current format of the medical ethics curriculum and the repercussions that will extend throughout medical school and moving into residency and beyond. It will additionally delve into potential solutions that, if implemented conscientiously, can encourage more engaged and thoughtful discussions in the classroom and the clinical setting. It is the ultimate hope that such interventions will result in students’ increased moral development and shape these future physicians into better caretakers, colleagues, and leaders.