• Inclusive College Teaching: A Study of How Four Award-Winning Faculty Employ Universal Design Instruction

      Davis, James Earl, 1960-; Horvat, Erin McNamara, 1964-; Schifter, Catherine; Jordan, Will J.; Barnett, Pamela E. (Temple University. Libraries, 2013)
      Using universal design instruction (UDI) as a framework, this study explores the inclusive teaching practices of four award-winning humanities and social sciences faculty at a large urban Research I university located in the northeastern region of the United States. UDI, a framework used to assist teachers in creating proactively inclusive instructional design, was used as a measure of inclusivity. Using a qualitative case-study approach, the study cross-examined the pedagogy of these faculty and unpacked specific techniques and practices embedded in their pedagogy that aligned with UDI. With each faculty member considered an individual case, structured classroom observations and interviews with target faculty, their colleagues, and student focus groups were conducted. Guided by the UDI framework, a cross-case analysis was then undertaken to determine the extent to which each faculty member met UDI principles. The study yielded descriptive accounts of multidimensional teaching strategies that incorporated universal design instruction.